To trace accurate location of bus and send alert messages to its passengers to reach station in time. We can track the unwanted halts and over speed.



It avoids the misuse of Govt vehicles by the staff, to track the official tours online, to monitor valuable assets and avoids late arrivals.



It can track assets, late arrivals of vehicles, control over speed of the vehicles, improves safety of the drivers and fuel consumption monitoring.


Cable Telecom

Basically telecom companies are having lots of equipment at various locations. Our system can identify them easily if they connected with it.


Child Protection

We can fit tracker in children bicycles, school bags and pockets to find them easily whether they are missing or confusing with routes.



Generally construction companies are having huge number of vehicles in different locations. It is easy to identify if they are assign with trackers.



Our vehicle tracking system easily monitor delivery vehicle unnecessary halts, misuse of the vehicle and cross check the time sheets.


Elderly Care

We advise to our elders to take tracker along with them at the time leaving alone from home for morning/evening walk then we can track them easily.


Secuirity Services

Our device is very flexible to track security vehicles, which are working services like arrange money in ATM and to monitor security personal also.


Teen Driving Tracking

We can track teenagers driving, who are new to driving and suggest them about over speed, routes, short cuts and give instructions for safety driving.


     VIP Tracking

Security of the VIP people is very essential. Police people can track VIP’s vehicle location with the help of our VTS in any emergency situations.


Waste Management

In sanitation department, vehicle tracking is very necessary to monitor waste collecting vehicles and assign them for next tasks immediately.


    School Bus

To track the school buses location and give instructions to the drivers to reach school in time. Parents also know the bus location of their children.

oil gas mining

Oil Gas & Mining

Oil, Gas and Mining industries are facing many challenges in security of their vehicles and equipment. Our tracker is best solution for this challenge.


    Pet Tracking

It is very useful to find missing pets. We can simply arrange this device in belts of pets because our device is small in size and also light in weight.


Rental car Services

It monitors the vehicles and control as per the agreements with vehicle owners. It is very useful to generate the transparent bills to customers.


Field Services

To track collection agent tasks, marketing people activities, medical representatives meetings and survey people work our tracker is helpful.


Food & Bevarage Services

Food & Beverage industries are facing many challenges in security of their vehicles and equipment. Our tracker is best solution for this challenge.


Heavy Equipment

Some companies are having valuable equipments many in number. If they are connected with tracker management can track them easily.



In logistics industry, VTS is useful to know the exact location of goods carrying vehicle and arrange man power unload the goods from vehicle.



We can give exact information about ambulance location and give instructions to the drivers about the routes to improve service quality.



Insurance companies are having many agents to approach their clients. The management can track their tasks easily with our tracker and evaluate their work.