1. Front-end Interface

Our vehicle tracking device is easy to use, feature rich user interface and mobile friendly device. It allows us to monitor thousands of targets in a single account. Due to optimization of core software all tasks run instantly in a single account.

Real Time Tracking:

Real time tracking has wide range of features. It allows us to see list of available objects in that network, to know present position of the object, at what time the object connected last time, current speed of the object, address, important alerts, to change the map type, sensor parameters and to change the language of the interface etc.


Our device is having a great feature i.e. History. History shows all server recorded data of configured devices for a particular period of time. All possible information collected from GPS tracking device such as time, speed, location, halts, events etc. History displayed in various formats such as map, graph and HTML/XML format.


‘Events’ is one of the essential features offered along with our software. It is used to trigger actions through significant and disruptive activities. Customer will receive instant notifications in the form of SMS or email triggered by various event types.


Our software can generate detailed informative reports about trips, fuel monitoring, driving performance, and activity in particular area or route. These reports will help to analyze a large amount of data about entire group of vehicles. Reports in the form of HTML/XLS will send to email addresses of the customers.


Extensive ranges of sensors are used in our GPS vehicle tracking devices. Various aspects like fuel level, voltage, temperature, performance etc. Formulas and calibration tables are available to calculate accurate measurements.

Object Control

We can control the object by using commands which are provided along with the software. It has a great feature to control vehicles remotely. Turn on/off ignition of the engine and manage many other features.

Geo fencing

Geo fences are allowed you to create a virtual perimeter around to a geographical area which you want. Main function of geo fence is to check the units remain or not within in the location. A notification is generated automatically when the geo fencing units are entered or exit.

Routes preparation

You can prepare virtual paths with the help of our device’s routes feature. These virtual paths are useful to monitor a particular vehicle enters and left from them. By using this feature you can easily monitor vehicle dependency of the road.

Point of Interest (POI)

Point of Interest (POI) feature is useful to place points at the locations that are interested for you or useful for your business. It helps you to name that particular place, add a small description, and add related image or even video to it.

Additional Tools

We provide search panel which helps you to search addresses, enter point coordinates. By using these tools you can calculate the distance between two places on the map.

User Settings

User settings section allows you to control the interface. Here you can change account settings such as personal information, language, background colours, time zone, and measurement units.

2. Control Panel:

Control panel helps you to control user accounts, user accesses, payment related settings, basic configuration settings and expiry dates of objects. Hosted server accessed users can get access of control panel.

Control Panel interface Benefits:

  • Add and control users and objects
  • Define user access levels
  • Define object expiration date
  • Define settings such as Logo, email server, payment type and history period.
  • User and object behaviour records
  • Access of various server management tools

3. Mobile Apps:

Our mobile apps are free and allow you not only to use our software in any mobile device and it converts your mobile into a GPS vehicle tracker

Our tracking software supports four mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS, Windows and BlackBerry. Applications are connecting with server and sending location data which can be checked in GPS-server.net user account.